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Halloween party time: Decorate with horror movie merchandise

Posted on October 29, 2009


The music’s spooky, everyone’s dressed in scary fancy dress and you have an itinerary packed full of scream-inducing activities – your Halloween party is practically perfect. But what of the decorations? It’s essential to set the mood from the moment your guests arrive, bombarding them with full-on frights, anything else being half-assed and a bit lame. And as you’re going to be throwing THE best Halloween party this year, it’s time to think through your decor decisions. Are you going to go gothic or more modern? Full-on gory or just a little gruesome? As always, we’re here to hold your hand and help you through the process as we bring you ten top horror movie-inspired merchandise.

Jack Skellington head lites

Set your party alight in true spooky style with these Jack Skellington head lites. The Pumpkin King of Halloween from 1993 cult classic, A Nightmare Before Christmas has inspired much cool merchandise over the years and we love these head lites which create a creepy atmosphere that is just perfect for Halloween. The ten-foot long strand features ten three-inch character heads, so simply drape and bask in the skeletal glow.

Get the A Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Head Lites.

The Joker giant appliqué

Bring a smile to the face of all your guests this Halloween with a little clownish pranking courtesy of Gotham’s grungiest criminal, the Joker. This appliqué of Heath Ledger’s villain is easy to use, simply peel and stick to any smooth surface for instant comic book chic. It’s reusable and leaves no icky residue, so attach it to your walls, mirrors or windows to immediately transform a room. An ideal short-term party decoration, we suspect that even Bruce Wayne might want one for his playboy penthouse.

Get the The Dark Knight – Joker Peel & Stick Giant Appliqué.

Psycho shower curtain with sound

Keep the queue for the toilet short with the ultimate bathroom deterrent – the Psycho-inspired shower curtain. It was nearly 50 years ago that Alfred Hitchcock first made the shower scary in the seminal Psycho and the horror returns with this movie-inspired shower curtain. Splashed with (fake) blood colouring it features the looming silhouette of the knife-wielding murderer and, most impressively, plays sound including Bernard Herrmann’s famously screechy Psycho theme and screams from the unfortunate victim, Marion Crane.

Get the Man with Knife Shower Curtain with Sound.

Camp Crystal Lake sign

Welcome your guests to an evening of thrills and spills with this cool replica of the Camp Crystal Lake sign as seen in Friday the 13th. It faithfully copies the onscreen original, replicating the deceptively innocent lake scene graphic, and is styled to look like wood (it’s a lightweight plastic – much better for moving about). It measures 18-inches by 17-inches and is sure to attract nods of respect from all attending Jasons.

Get the Camp Crystal Lake Sign.

Bleeding Scream mask

Working brilliantly as a costume or decoration comes this Scream mask, which proved so terrifying in the late 90s. Scream and its two sequels re-invigorated the teen slasher genre with a cheeky post-modern knowingness that satirised horror clichés while providing enough shocks to truly scare. And making sure we spilled our popcorn with every jump was the Scream costume, specifically the mask. Based on expressionist artwork by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, it’s the very essence of fear and to really ratchet up the terror this one even pumps blood. Of course, it’s not the real stuff, but your guests don’t know that…

Get the Bleeding Scream Mask.

Edward Cullen standee

Worried that Robert Pattinson might not have time in his schedule to accept your party invitation and head to your place come 31st October? Worry not, as we have the next best thing – this life-size standee of the ‘vegetarian’ bloodsucker, Edward Cullen in full-on Twilight mode. Standing at over six-feet-tall, this brooding bloodsucker, made from enforced cardboard is easy to assemble and pack away and is certain to add a little Cullen cool to your Twilight party.

Get the Edward Cullen Standee.

Saw bag of bloody fingers

Scare your party guests silly courtesy of the Jigsaw killer with this bag of (fake) bloody fingers. The Saw films have become part of cinematic Halloween tradition in recent years and embrace the frightening franchise’s ickiness with these horribly convincing prosthetic digits. Imagine all their fun uses – add them to drinks and food, stick them to the edge of doors and windows or shake hands with people and allow it to ‘drop off’. The possibilities are endless and the more theatrical the better!

Get the Saw Bag of Bloody Fingers.

Freddy Krueger prop arm

Bring the nightmare to life by mixing a little Freddy Krueger terror into your Halloween party. And by a little of Freddy, we mean his arm in particular. This prop of the child tormenter’s limb is decked in the red and green striped fabric of his familiar sweater and attached to his ‘hand’ is that oh-so-scary blade glove (though fret not health and safety fans as these blades are made of plastic). Hang from a door or wall or just wave it around like you just don’t care! One dismembered fake arm – so many options…

Get the Freddy Krueger Prop Arm.

Leatherface chainsaw

Kick off your own Texas Chainsaw Massacre with this replica of the weapon wielded by Leatherface in the long-running horror franchise. Not just for decoration, this horribly accurate imitation is certain to startle with its sound effects – a buzz saw noise and (shudder) screams of pain. It might not be as sinister as the screen original, but you wouldn’t want to leave it lying around when the neighbours visit.

Get the Leatherface Chainsaw.

Michael Myers head knocker

Nothing says let’s party more than a man in a William Shatner mask, so get your shindig rocking with this head knocker modeled on the boiler suit-loving slasher, Michael Myers. He’s tormented teens for years in the Halloween film franchise and now he can repeat the trick with your guests in head knocking form. A great spin on the popular head bobbing craze, he’s even got a pumpkin with him for extra Halloween flavour! An unmissable bargain at only £13.45.

Get the Michael Myers Head Knocker.


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