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Holi Aioli: Sauce Aioli Roasted Garlic, 9 Fo
Holi Aioli: Sauce Aioli Roasted Garlic, 9 Fo $6.83

At Holi Aioli, we strive to bring the healthiest, tastiest & cleanest mayonnaise alternative to foodies across America. Born out of a visionary chef’s quest to replace ordinary mayo packets with a multipurpose, low-calorie spread, Holi Aioli sauces can play quite a few roles in your kitchen – from a sandwich spread & salad dressing to a rich condiment & sauce.

  • A PERFECT MAYO REPLACEMENT: Holi Aioli sandwich spreads offer a unique, rich alternative to mayonnaise; An easy, tasty & healthy way to replace all those mayo packets & dressing packets off your sauce racks
  • BANKING ON GARLIC: Holi Aioli Roasted Garlic sauce, featuring our bespoke blend of garlic & lemon with white peppers, takes the age-old aioli & garlic spread recipe to a whole new level of deliciousness
  • TRULY VERSATILE: Holi Aioli Roasted Garlic sauce, thanks to its rich flavor profile, is equally delicious whether you choose to use it as a handy dressing dip, an everyday sandwich spread, a signature bake/grill sauce or a fancy salad dressing
  • 100% VEGAN, 100% HEALTHY: Holi Aioli sauces, an all-American ode to the iconic Manhattan food scene, pack only about 40 calories per tablespoon; Certified vegan, non-GMO, guilt-free mayonnaise alternative with organic ingredients
  • SPREAD THE FLAVOR: Holi Aioli Roasted Garlic sauce, unlike regular garlic spreads, carries a range of complex flavors that accentuate the taste of all the foods it’s used with; Click ‘Add to Cart’ to place an order today


Flavor: Organic
category: Food
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