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Karine & Jeff: Soup Split Pea, 16.9 Oz
Karine & Jeff: Soup Split Pea, 16.9 Oz $7.98

A family enterprise based in southwest France, Karine & Jeff produces a broad range of organic foods in glass jars, using exquisite ingredients and a process of steam cooking that brings out the true flavors and maintains the natural minerals and vitamins. The recipes are inspired by the region and a love of travel. The ingredients are sourced from organic agriculture, carefully selected for taste and flavor, and meet stringent ethical production criteria. The exceptionally pure spring water from the nearby Montagne Noire du Lauragais plays a critical role in the quality of the cooking and processing.

The recipes contain no additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings, or added sugar. Enjoy this delicious French Split Pea Soup!


Flavor: Organic
category: Brands A-z
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