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Vital Farms: Egg Hard Boiled Pasture, 6 Pc
Vital Farms: Egg Hard Boiled Pasture, 6 Pc $5.63

Convenience and quality in one easy pack: those are the benefits of Vital Farms new pasture-raised hard boiled eggs. For over ten years, Vital Farms has pioneered the pasture-raised category, defining industry leading standards that literally leave other eggs in the dust. Each and every Vital Farms hen gets to roam outdoors on 108sqft. of open pasture; that’s 100 times the space a confined cage-free hen gets – and they never go outside. By comparison, our girls roam and forage outdoors on grass all year round, soaking up the sun, and breathing fresh, clean air. It’s a difference you can taste. And now it’s a difference you can enjoy on the run, thanks to our perfectly hard boiled eggs, packed in ‘Grab & Go 2-Packs’. Healthy, humane snacking made easy. Exclusively by Vital Farms.

  • Girls on Grass
  • Freedome to Forage


Flavor: Organic
category: Food
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