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Wild Tonic: Organic Jun-kombucha Blueberry And Basil, 16 Oz
Wild Tonic: Organic Jun-kombucha Blueberry And Basil, 16 Oz $4.44

A rare cousin of Kombucha, Jun is made by fermenting tea and honey with a SCOBY, creating a natural effervescence. The Jun SCOBY (culture) and Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) look similar but thrive on completely different substrates. A Jun SCOBY is a distinct culture with its own benefits and unique flavor profile. Our authentic heirloom Jun SCOBY feeds on honey and is uniquely adapted to work with the host of bacteria, organisms and antimicrobial properties present in honey. The result of this fermentation is a delicious and healthy drink that contains prebiotics, probiotics and amino acids. The result is a lighter and smoother taste that does not present vinegar tones that are prominent in other Kombucha varieties on the market. Most people find that Jun is pleasing to the palate in comparison to traditional Kombucha.In order to preserve the probiotics, Wild Tonic® Jun Kombucha is never pasteurized. Being fermented with honey, Wild Tonic® is both prebiotic AND probiotic! Probiotics introduce bacteria into your gut. Not just any bacteria, but good bacteria that is essential for good gut health. Prebiotics are a carbohydrates that are actually not digestible. Their purpose is to fertilize the probiotics. Simply put, prebiotics are fuel for probiotics to do their job. So, in essence, Wild Tonic® contains double the benefits!

  • Gluten Free
  • Keep Refrigerated, Do Not Shake
  • Live Cultures
  • Made with Honey
  • Raw
  • USDA Organic


Flavor: Organic
category: Food
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