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Zing Zang: Mix Bloody Mary, 32 Oz
Zing Zang: Mix Bloody Mary, 32 Oz $5.99

Zing Zang is America’s #1 Bloody Mary Mix!  OUR DISTINCTIVE 7 VEGETABLE JUICE BLEND and complex array of SEASONINGS provide a unique, bold flavor that makes the perfect Bloody Mary. It’s all you need!  Enjoy Zing Zang’s delicious spicy flavor on its own or add your favorite spirit and garnish to make your own cocktail creation!

  • One of the best, most flavorful Bloody Mary mixes around!
  • Low in sodium
  • Low in calories
  • Tastes great with or without your favorite vodka.


Flavor: Organic
category: Food
AVAILABILITY: We are out of stock

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